“Oh-my-God! – I don’t believe it”
That’s what you’re going to be saying after you wake up to see your site has leap-frogged your competitors overnight. Unleash the hounds onto Google Search with these super-powerful, high-quality, high pagerank backlinks from my premium high link building service.

What’s It Worth To Be On Page 1 of Google?

Get Your Slice Of The Pie!

Did you know around 42% of visitors click on the #1 spot on Google search results? Isn’t that staggering? 12% click on #2 and 8.5% on #3. This reduces in increments all the way down to only 3% clicking on #10. The difference can be as dramatic as having 2 million clicks on #1 and only 147, 000 on #10. A BIG difference. By getting to #1 you increase your traffic for that keyword 1,400%. But even jumping from #8 to #3 can TRIPLE your traffic.

A powerful backlink campaign will get you there. Imagine the sort of money you could be making if you were #1 on Google for your keywords? You Need Our Backlinks.

Backlinks Faster Than A Speeding Bullet, More Powerful
Than A Locomotive And Able To Leap The Google SERPS In A Single Bound!

Listen. These are High Pagerank backlinks from quality Authority sites – not a bunch of near worthless No Pagerank and “Do not follow” links from the inner pages of some guy’s blog on trainspotting or something. Why would you want to pay for those? Our backlinks pass JUICE. And they are lovingly home-baked and pure organic LOL – not links generated by some mindless bot. We don’t use bots. We’re completely hands-on.This stuff is too important to do any other link building service.

Oh, you want proof? Ok check this out. These are my own keywords. But don’t take my word for it – Google those keywords yourself. (Results will differ depending on what Country’s Google you are using).
My Website Is Ranked #1 For Multiple Keywords,
Among Millions of Results Returned!
Keyword: “Link Building Service”
(Number Of Search Results Returned: 118,000,000) #1 on Google for the keywords “Linking Building Service”
Keyword: “Guide To Internet Marketing”
(Number Of Search Results Returned: 104,000,000) #1 on Google for the keywords “Guide To Internet Marketing”
Keyword: “Online Affiliate Marketing”
(Number Of Search Results Returned: 21,300,000) #1 on Google for the keywords “Online Affiliate Marketing”
Keyword: “Affiliate Email Marketing”
(Number Of Search Results Returned: 68,800,0000) #1 on Google for the keywords “Affiliate Email Marketing”

How have I done that? Backlinks baby. Backlinks. I can do the same for you. Listen…these are Backlinks from Domain Page Rank 4 and above Authority Sites. “Do-Follow” backlinks that pass ju-ju juice.

One-Way Links Boosting Your Google SERPS

Let’s face it – there’s backlink packages and there’s backlink packages. Seems every man and his dog thinks he can run a backlink business these days. Every week sees some wannabe come along, take the money and rip everybody off with sh*tty backlinks. Backlinks from spammy, no-PR sites. Backlinks that do nothing for your SERPS. In fact they can have a downright negative affect if not done properly. They can even get your site banned from Google!

Our backlinking service doesn’t roll like that. I’m Winson. Winson the Backlink King. LOL. My team and I eat, breathe and sleep backlinks. Actually we don’t sleep much – we’re too obsessed with finding and applying high-quality backlinks for you. We’re like a bunch of Zombies wandering all over the internet looking for live backlinks to resuscitate dead sites.

And we’re very good at it. In fact we rock at it – ask around. Read the testimonials below. Dude – we don’t hunger for human flesh – we hunger for backlinks – backlinks with blood-dripping raw energy. Currently we have more than 200 unique authority sites in our arsenal and more are being added daily (I send the Zombies out on a mission every night).

Winson’s backlink Zombies on the prowl for fresh “meat”

Now even though my team and I get off on fresh backlinks – for the rest of you its a right royal pain in the butt. It takes time. Lots of time. Time that’s better spent on other things. Am I right?

Think about it. If we can move your site even a few places in Google SERPS – what’s that worth to you? If you’re #6 on Google and we move you to #3, say. That’s where the real money is – pole position (42% of visitors click on the #1 position but anywhere in the Top 3 gets good results.

Look at These Sensational Prices!

Basic Link Building Service $47 ($67)

  • 100% do follow backlinks
  • 2 – 4 days estimated completion
  • 50 websites of domain PageRank 4 and above
  • 50 websites × 5 urls/keywords = 250 Backlinks

Premium Link Building Service $57 ($127)

  • 100% do follow backlinks
  • 3 – 5 days estimated completion
  • 100 websites of domain PageRank 4 and above
  • 100 websites × 5 urls/keywords = 500 Backlinks

Elite Link Building Service $67 ($197)

  • 100% do follow backlinks
  • 4- 7 days estimated completion
  • 150 websites of domain PageRank 4 and above
  • 150 websites × 5 urls/keywords = 750 Backlinks

You can submit to up to 5 websites which will be
150 X 5 = 750 backlinks for just $197 $67

P.S. You can also combine this with web2.0 backlinks package below.

Note: After payment, you will receive your BMS Login Details at your PayPal address where you can login to submit your submission details for your order.

Some Clarification: For example, if you order the 10 links trial package and you submit 5 url. You will get a total of 10 sites X 5 urls = 50 backlinks in total. If you take up the 150 backlinks package, it will be 150 sites X 5 urls = 750 backlinks in total.

Web 2.0 High Quality Contextual Link Building Service (HOT)

You probably know what a web 2.0 website is (one of the most trusted backlinks you can receive – even Google owns one of the platforms! – Blogger) and you know you should be building these links. However, it’s time consuming to write, register, and create posts. Let us take care of this process for you so you can get back to focusing on your business or life.

  • Step 1 – Unique Content Creation we’ll create 3 unique 500-word articles for you on your particular niche. These articles will be created by actual first-class professional article writers and not by some program or application. This is to make sure the articles will be readable and non-spammy.
  • Step 2 – Manual Creation & Insertion of Backlinks we’ll manually create backlinks for you and incorporate these backlinks into their actual language of the article to make it non-spammy as possible and to make it sure all of these are Do Follow Links Again. this will be done 100% by human to ensure topmost quality.
  • Step 3 – Submission To High PR Web 2.0 Sites we’ll be submitting your unique articles complete with their embedded backinks to Web 2.0 sites of Page Rank 4 and above to ensure optimum link juice will be flowing through your links and straight to your target URLs.
  • Step 4 – Pinging, RSS Feeds & Indexing aside from just allowing our high quality backlinks to do their work(which will already be pretty powerful), we even go the extra mile by pinging your backlinks, creating RSS feeds for your backlinks and indexing your backlinks. We’ll leave nothing to change to ensure your satisfaction.

Premium Web 2.0 Link Building Service $67

  • 100% do follow backlinks
  • 3 Unique 500-Word Articles
  • 4 – 8 days estimated completion
  • 40 Web 2.0 submissions to domain PR 4 and above
  • 40 Web 2.0 ×3 urls/keywords = 120 Web 2.0 Backlinks

Elite Web 2.0 Link Building Service $97

  • 100% do follow backlinks
  • 3 Unique 500-Word Articles
  • 5 – 10 days estimated completion
  • 20 Web 2.0 submissions to domain PR 4 and below
  • 60 Web 2.0 submissions to domain PR 4 and above
  • 80 Web 2.0 ×3 urls/keywords = 240 Web 2.0 Backlinks

You’ll get the best results with this, plus it’s the best value.
You can submit to up to 3 websites which will be
80 X 3 = 240 backlinks for just $197 $97

We will build backlinks to your backlinks to make them more powerful.

  • We will build your backlinks according to your order.
  • Create RSS Feeds which contain all the live links,
  • Ping all your live links
  • Meta Indexing them to over 31,000+ sites for super fast indexing
  • Build Massive Backlinks to each of the live backlinks using Web 2.0 Blogs, Micro Blogs and Personal Blog Network

Now – we normally charge $67 per boosting campaign – but we have decided to throw in this service for you free of charge. This backlink booster package will make your backlinks EVEN MORE POWERFUL!

Unsolicited Testimonials From Happy Customers

“Got Me Into Page 1 Of Google For 2 Of My Most Competitive Keywords!…”

I am now onto my 3rd or 4th (I lost track) Backlink order with Winson and I have to say that not only does his SEO optimization service work buthis customer service is also top notch (I will explain..)

Firstly the backlink packages – Winson has managed to get me onto Page 1 of Google for 2 of my most competitive keywords – keywords that I had not marketed before and did not even show up on the Google searches for before – this way I was able to prove 100% if his seo optimization service works…


Secondly, the customer service – I mixed up one of my orders and gave him URL’s that did not even exist – I did not notice this until I received my submission report – now it was my fault so I was thinking I had thrown my money down the drain but Winson very kindly offered me the submission out of his own pocket.

Now, that is what I call putting the customer first – but clever him, he now has a very faithful client who will put more business his way as I like his honest approach. Anyway if you are thinking about it – as long as you do a bit of SEO keywords research first then you should go for it…no doubt.

Will McConville
will mcconville

“My Sales Have Increased 100% Over The Last 2 Days Even Since I Have”

All I can say is that I am very pleased with the results given. I can now be found for the given keyphrases on page 2 and 1 of google with competition levels of 49,000,000. I have already recommended my sister to buy the packets of you and she paid yesterday. I am optimistic that the links will work a treat for her. Once again thank you ever so much. Definitely the best backlink package I have ever bought

Testimonial Update

Im on like my 5th submission with winson and always order the 150 backlinks packet. The backlinks work a treat and I now have about 4 -5 websites on the first page of google thanks to Winson.

Testimonial Update

The website (ravsapplicances) has now been sold. The website still ranks very high in the search engines but it depends what country you are searching from. Ravsappliances is targeting UK searches so if you are looking at the rankings from a different country then yes you will get different results. Do not think twice about Winson’s package – it is a great package which will benefit you alot. I’m thinking of taking out Winson’s package for another website of mine. Thanks!

Adam Watson

“Your Service Has Help Me Increase MyGoogle Page Ranking For My Website!”


Thank you for your exemplary service for the 150 quality backlinks submission. Its worth every cent that I paid for. I am impressed that I receive my submission order report so soon- It is concise and yet detail. Your effort you put in to provide such service can be felt in the way you conduct my order. Winson, you have done it!

Guess what happen next?

My website have been on PR1 for a long time since and NOW my site has a Page Ranking of 2 after I order the 150 backlinks submission from you. It’s amazing! You have nailed it this time, Winson.


Kelvin Loh

“One of my website got 300 rank increase within 1 week and the other website
now stay on 5th position (1st page) of Google result!”

Hi Winson,

I’d like to say a big thank you for your excellent service in providing 150 backlink package for my websites. I’ve been using a lot of seo services, and i honestly say that your service is simply the BEST! One of my website got 300 rank increase within 1 week and the other website now stay on 5th position (1st page) of Google result. I’ll be definately back to get more backlink services from you. Keep up the good work.

Steve McArthur

“My Less-Than-1-Month-Old Site Got #4 On Google, Yahoo, MSN And Ask!”

Hi Winson,

You did this service for me last month for 5 separate url and anchor text. today i went to your backlinchecker and backlinkswatch.com and they both only showed 9 urls with a PR 0. How can this be so differant to 150 backlinks at high page rank. I dont mind paying for the service for high PR sites but they only see 9. Please help my confusion

My Response:

It’s normal that the site won’t show up the profile links that I build most properly of the different time the indexing take place. The backlinks checker is just an indication tool of how strong is your website is. However, profile links are more useful in getting better search engine ranking rather than to get recorded in the backlinks checker tools. What’s matter more is still your positioning in Google. You should check the positioning instead of number of backlinks.

Testimonial Update

Winson an apology on my previous post. I never for once thought these would not work. Like my momma use to say The Proof is in the puddin. My new site of less than a month for along tailed keyword but a money page was no where 2 weeks ago. 4 days ago found it in the #46 spot..Not bad that is when i posted.

But yesterday this site less than one month old is #4 on the first page google us,au,ca,uk, yahoo,msm,ask etc. So yes these work. No one sees these i guess except the search engines right away Winson, hurry up and do this submission so i can be #1 on ALL these search engines.

I guess at the beginning we need blind faith. Thanks so much

Don (Mentor4u in WarriorForum)

“Winson was professional, helpful guy with incredible SEO knowledge for one so young and I knew that leaving my SEO in his capable hands would help my business to thrive.”

I started my online business, The Professional Writing Service, without really understanding all the complex SEO work that is necessary for success. I worked hard and through repeat business and referrals I did well, but I knew I could do better with some help. The problem was I didn’t know where to turn.

Then into my life stepped Winson Yeung. Winson was professional, helpful young guy with incredible SEO knowledge for one so young and I knew that leaving my SEO in his capable hands would help my business to thrive.

I can honestly say this was the best business decision I have made and I can not recommend Winson and his service High Quality Backlinks Service highly enough.This guy is an SEO genius and if you’re looking for a service to SEO your website and maximise your traffic, Winson Yeung is your man!

Jay Neaves
jay neaves

“It’s the Best and Affordable Backlinking Service I’ve Used Yet!”

You’ve got a winner here! In less than 3 working days, I received a comprehensive report on which sites you submitted to and the exact URL for proof.

I can only say that it’s the best and affordable backlinking service I’ve used yet! Seriously, it’s a steal that only a fool will miss it.Keep up the great work!

Dominic Tay

dominic tay

“Very Detailed In Taking Good Care Of Your Customer’s Needs And Other Questions”

Hi Winson,

A moment ago, I received your email with a very neat report of all my backlinks and the urls they are residing.

Wow, I must praise you for your speedy work and you are very detailed in taking good care of your customers’ needs and other questions. I will want to get more backlinks from you soon. Cheers,

John Yeo

john yeo


“Your Certainly Over-Delivered!”


You certainly over-delivered with the order I gave you! A very comprehensive report as well. I have to recommend your service, some were PR7!!

Turnaround was just days – keep up the good work.

Tony Dean

“Awesome Job On The Backlinks Man!”


Awesome job on the backlinks man! I appreciate your patience with a few of the questions I had regarding the submission process. You completed them quick too! I will be ordering another round of submissions here shortly!


“Looks Like A Good Service Provided By You!”

Submissions are all done and the report is very comprehensive.

Looks like a good service provided by you!


Joseph Then

joseph then

“I Don’t Think I’m Gonna Get A Much Better Deal Than This For So Many Backlinks”

Thank you, Winson.

I have been very pleased with the work and will send you payment for the other batch today. I don’t think I’m gonna get a much better deal than this for so many backlinks.

Mal Keenan

“This Is The First Back-Linking WSO Which I Think Is VALUABLE!!!”

Guys, This is the first back-linking WSO which I think is VALUABLE!!

Other WSO sellers use low end competition keywords which have hardly hundred results when searched in quotes, but if you search “Guide to Internet Marketing” in quotes, you will get 111k results!

This is totally a STEAL!

Get it now.


“Very Impressed With The Professional Manner In Which You Conduct Business”

I must say that the customer service I have received from cellent!

It was a pleasure doing business with you Winson. I got what was promised, much quicker than originally quoted so you definitely over delivered Very impressed with the professional manner in which you conduct business. I will be ordering more of your services

Keep up the good work

Mark Dickenson

mark dickenson
(Creator of Backlinks Bully)

“Best Hands Off Link Building Solution Available”

Hey Winson,

I just wanted to say Thanks! The service you provided was very timely and professional…the best part is I got results. I believe this is the best Hands Off link building solution available!

“His Customer Service Is Also Top Class”

I too have just had my submission report back from Winson – It was a quick service and all the links created were fully detailed on a spread sheet. As for the results, it is too early to say but I will update this if/when they occur.

His customer service is also top class which is what I noticed when using him to write articles through CCArticles which is writing service he offers.

Warrior Forum

“Fast And Professional Link Building Service”

Just received the report from Winson, excellent service and well done! I am surprise how fast he can deliver! Winson, thank you! Highly recommended to anyone who want fast and professional link building services!

Kok Yong

kok yong

“Your Service Was Exemplary And Will Be More Than Happy, To Work With You Again.”

Winson’s Backlinks Building package is really amazing.I ordered the 150 site package, and had a good turnaround time. I ordered the package and the next morning, I got a Comprehensive Report. And guess what, I got submissions done to 10 Bonus Sites aswell. I’ve seen people assuring #1 Position on Google.com for mere Directory Submissions and other stuffs. But Winson was loyal enough to say, my keywords are very competitive and so, it would take quite some time to rank for those keywords, and surely will one day, if efforts were taken. I appreciate him for that. Now back to the service, I was getting his service for promoting my web directory and I do see some great changes in my website. I had a few featured links submitted that day, and some sales through the Hostgatoraffiliates.

Not just that, I got my Domain name, a Manual Domain Name Appraisal and it was found to be veryhigh! So, i’ll be looking for a good sale! Thanks Winson. Your service was exemplary and will be more than happy, to work with you again.


“2 Of The Keywords For My Hubby’s Site Ranked Google First Page Out Of 18.2 Million Searches”

Hi Winson

Sorry for this late testimonial, pls forgive, I forgot about it. :) I used Winson’s backlinking service in Sept09. It was a smooth transaction and Winson was helpful answering my emails before I took up the 150 links package.

Out of the 5 keywords I used, 2 of the keywords for my hubby’s site (non internet marketing) was ranked No. 8 in Google’s first page out of 18.2 million searches and No. 6 in Google’s first page out of 1 million searches, even till today.

What can I say? I am impressed.

The keywords I used were long-tailed keywords, well chosen and with not much competition,I think.

Thankyou Winson for your good and effective service!


“From Now And On I Will Only Buy Winson’s Service, No Matter What Other People Say”

Wow! What a great service. I have bought many link packages (even Angela’s and Paul backlinks) but I have been so busy with building my business, writing articles and simply did not have the time to create so many accounts and submit links there. Winson’s Backlinks is the service I was looking for. All I did was to submit 5 keywords and 5 urls and Winson team did all submission, account creation for me. And he did it in 2days!

From now and on I will only buy Winson’s service, no matter what other people say.

Jana Beck

jana beck

“They Are Indeed Quality Links, The Kind That Really Help With SEO”


Thanks very much for the quick service. Wthin 2 days you provided me with a list of the quality high pr backlinks that you got for my site. I would never have figured out how to achieve this all on my own. They are indeed quality links, the kind that really help with SEO. Real estate marketing is highly competetive, and a service like yours will surely give me an edge in my area.

Thanks once again,

Malcolm Johnston


“Two Days Is All It Took To Get My Domain Listed On Google Page 2 For My Pretty Competitive Keyword”

Hi Winson,

Wow. Seriously, all I can say is WoW!

Two days is all it took to get my domain listed on Google Page 2 for my pretty competitive keyword. I know that your service is responsible for the results, because the articles I’ve written to help promote the site haven’t even been approved by the article sites yet.

The only external links to my site are the ones you’ve created, so I owe you all of the credit. Once my articles are actually posted and I continue creating backlinks with your monthly service, I have no doubt I’ll quickly be near or at the top of the SERP.
You’ve put my project about 3 weeks ahead of schedule. I can’t thank you enough.

Robert Peretson

Robert Peretson

“I would never have figured out how to achieve this all on my own. They are indeed quality links, the kind that really help with SEO”


Thanks very much for the quick service. Wthin 2 days you provided me with a list of the quality high pr backlinks that you got for my site. I would never have figured out how to achieve this all on my own. They are indeed quality links, the kind that really help with SEO. Real estate marketing is highly competetive, and a service like yours will surely give me an edge in my area.

Thanks once again,

Malcolm Johnston

“My ranking has increased and my traffic has doubled in just five days!”

I Cannot believe it. My ranking has increased and my traffic has doubled in just five days.I just wanted to thank you for the list of high quality backlinks. This is the really the best hands off
backlink service that I have seen. It really works and I have also signed up the monthly program.




“Not ONLY Do All Of The Website Links For Your Testimonies Actually WORK, That Is They Go To The Intended Website…”

Hi Winson, my name is Simon Burdett from South Australia, I just felt I had to email you and tell you just how impressed I am with your HIgh Quality Backlinking website! How impressed? Well, all I can say is, WOW!

I am WAY beyond impressed with the backlinking service that you’ve put together!
Not ONLY do all of the website links for your testimonies actually WORK, that is they go to the intended website, but the entire layout of your website is SO easy to navigate!

I actually own a ClickBank Affiliate Store, and I must say that I’m STRUGGLING to make any money off of it! I’m doing everything I can think of, articles, press release, search engines, directories, banners, solo ads, emails, and don’t get me STARTED on (@#*!!! SEO!!

I’m always crawling Google looking for better ways to get search engine traffic, which is the best kind, in my experience, and came to your page.

I am so going to buy your $100 150 backlinks pack! Being able to use 5 of my own inner pages = 750 BACKLINKS! So it won’t be long to an increased page rank, and more sales!

Thanks again Winson, you are the BEST!

Yours Sincerely,
Simon Burdett
Simon Burdett

“I Have Been Able To Cancel Virtually All Of Our Pay Per Click Advertising, Saving Our Office $2000 Dollars A Month In Advertising Costs”

I cannot thank you enough for the excellent SEO work that your firm did for my medical weight loss site. . Our office opened in July of last year and I had very big concerns about how we were going to attract enough people to our weight loss program, competiting with large corporations like Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig.

My husband works in IT, and recommended SEO as a way to drive free visitors to our site. He worked on our site for weeks, giving up every conceivable family activity to build backlinks to our site.

Thankfully, I finally convinced him to outsource the work and he was lucky enough to find High Quality Backlinks.

Our office is located in Marriottsville Maryland, half way between Baltimore and Washington DC, so we are attempting to draw patients from that entire area. Your service not only helped us rank #1 in Google for “Maryland Weight Loss, a very competitive term, but also for #1 “Baltimore Weight Loss“, “Silver Spring Weight Loss, and approximately 20 other towns/cities in our area.
Since you completed this work, I have been able to cancel virtually all of our pay per click advertising, saving our office $2000 dollars a month in advertising costs. Not only have we been able to virtually eliminate adveritising, but our revenues are up an average of $5K a month as a result of your excellent work.
I cannot thank you enough and cannot wait for you to complete work on my weight loss plan and internal medicine site.

Best Wishes!
Ndidi Feinberg, MD


Get Higher Search Engine Ranking with 750 BLOCKBUSTER Backlinks Now!

order here

(Elite Package 150 X 5 = 750 BlockBuster Backlinks)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is link building service?

It’s a process of hiring a 3rd party for building one way links to your website to increase your search engine ranking.

Can some of the 5 urls be from the same domain?

Sure, any type of website is allowed as long as it’s a valid url.
But my advice is that it will be better if you are targeting the 1 keyword per url.

Are these Angela and Paul backlinks package?

No More. I Have found my own high quality backlinks and I’m using them solely for my link building service only. You won’t have to be afraid of any duplicate site you might be getting from Angela or Paul Backlinks Package.

Is there any duplicate submission in the site?

No, there will be no duplicate as all the site are unique in the submission report unless you order another submission package. No duplicate submissions for the “Monthly new site submission” as well.

Will my sites get “sandboxed” or a Google penalty if I build too many backlinks?

No, your websites won’t get sandboxed/peantly unless you spam links like crazy and generally build backlinks the wrong way but using my service won’t get you into any of such trouble. I have been offering link building service for years and have a lot of satisfied customer too.


Many SEO experts advise is to get links from related sites, but of course your service won’t stick to this, in your experience, does this affect the site in any form? having links from unrelated sites?

Answer:Well, it’s indeed a myth that people say that they should link to relevant site else they will get penalize by Google. But the truth is that, this myth is false. I have used these links for myself which is totally unrelated to the site I am linking to but I still have archived great result of out of, so do my client which I have build quality backlinks for them.

Do you mean my profile backlinks will be page rank 4 or above?

No, that’s not correct. You will be getting a profile links from a Domain Page Rank of at least 4 and above, these are links that will get the PR juice flowing downing to your website.

I used Angela’s packets and waited for days without apparent improvements, what’s the time frame for this link building service to get results?

That depends on how many links that you actually build for the site. Another factor to consider is the competitiveness of the keywords you are targeting. I have seen results for myself in less than 1 month, so have my clients who have targeted the correct keyword as well.

Can you backlinks work on a clickbank affiliate hop-link?

SEO does not work with affiliate link. All your SEO effort will go back to the vendor website and you will have nothing to gain from it. It’s impossible to rank for a direct affiliate clickbank hoplink. You need to have a website before you can start doing SEO and rank for your keywords.

Will you replace the backlinks for us if the stick rate fall below 90%

Yes! We will replace the backlinks for you if your live link has gone below 90% within the 1st month of completion. But based on our experience, we only encounter 1/2 submission report that need amendment out of every 200+ submission report. Nevertheless, the dead link is out of our control as the webmaster might have deleted the profile backlinks but we have done our part to remove away these site that has a very strict check to make sure our success rate is as high as 90%.

Do you have any discount for bulk order?

Yes I Do! But you are only eligible for the discount if you want to order at least 5 link building service order with us.

Question: Can you backlinks work on adult, drug and gamble related website?

Yes It will work too! BUT BUT BUT I’m not taking such order. I do not want to build backlinks for adult, drug and gamble related website.

How fast will It take before I can see any results?

This is really a common question I received but please note that I can’t give a general answer for this. It HAD to depend on a lot of factors such as how competitive is your keyword, how optimized is you website, how old is your website, how strong are you competitor and etc. Although I can’t give an exact answer to the above question, what I can provide you is that I have TONS of happy testimonials to proof that my backlinks has work for them! On the rough estimation, you should be able to see results 2 weeks time as long as you have chosen a realistic keyword that you want to rank for.

Do you guarantee results?

To be honest to you, the answer is No. Why? As I have mentioned before, SEO has to depend on a lot of factors and it really depends on what’s the keyword you are targeting and how competitive it is.

Do you ping the backlinks?

Yes, we will ping the backlinks for you. Beside that, we will also create a RSS feed which will contain all your backlinks and submit them for pinging again. You can bookmark the RSS feed if you want faster indexing rate for your backlinks.

Warm Regards from me and the backlinking Zombies,

Winson Yeung

P.S. Some sites might not work as there’s always the chance that the web master might remove the profile link. It happens but not often.

P.S. There is NO REFUND acceptable as this is a service base business. It take times for us to manually build the backlinks for you.

P.S. All links are placed on inner pages of Page Rank 4 and above Home Pages with do follow backlinks.

P.S. Delivery time varies according to how busy we are. We do everything manually – this stuff is too important to trust to a bot.

P.S. Any type of urls including article urls and video urls are accepted as well in this link building service.

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