June 2010

June 8, 2010

Craig’s Case Study – How I Helped To Improve His Ranking In 10 Days

Sun, May 23, 2010 7:31:39 AM

I received an email from Craig as followed

Hi Winson and Dominic,

Thank you for period follow ups.  I enjoy hearing from you and appreciate the effort it must take to provide personalization to all the customers you have worldwide.

So far, and it has been a few weeks, I am seeing very little improvement and loss of position on some keywords. The www.XXXX.com site is tanking in rankings, but I think that is because Google identified the site an affiliate (they called it something else) site. They don’t let me buy keywords in Adwords too. Keyword “XXXXX” is not in the top 100 on any of the search engines, as shown below:

However, I did not monitor a starting point for that keyword, so I do not really if the links had an effect.

I do not see any significant number of backlinks listed in my WebMasters Tools

“Keywords Hidden”

Hopefully the results will get better, but I read a lot on the web about Google punishing websites for buying links.  I am just assuming it may have to take some more time.

One tool you might consider is to let a program scan a webpage and make recommendations on what keywords should be backlinked.

Again, thank you for follow ups.


Sunday, May 23, 2010 12:25 PM

And this is what I replied to Craig

Hi Craign,

Thanks for your feedback and I appreciate your time in writing this detailed email as well.

Can you start rank your current 5 keyword ranking for your urls and send me your current position for each of the keywords?

After that, I will create another 150 backlinks package for you and we shall track the ranking result together.

Don’t worry, you won’t be charge for that 150 backlinks package because I’m doing this free for you :)



high quality backlinks review

Some Clarification: I’m doing free for him because I know my links works if people target the correct keywords and in return I will use this as my first case study. Please do not send me email to request for free link building package.

Monday, June  7, 2010 11:25 PM

I login to my Advance Web Ranking software to do a quick check on the keyword ranking result for Craig and here’s the result I have gotten back from the Elite Link Building Package which I have complete for him on the May 28th.

high quality backlinks review

As you can see, I have help to increase his ranking by a total of 43 within 10 days base on my elite link building package! I hope you find my case study enjoyable :)

Tue, June 8, 2010 7:23:34 AM

Testimonial from Craig

Hi Winson,

Attached is the photo. A deal is a deal, you are an honorable man. Testimonial:

“I have seen two of my most powerful revenue generating keywords jump to page one on Google in under two weeks using Winson Yeung’s backlink service. One of them is in the number 3 position.  While the results are wonderful, the most impressive thing about this company is the people that work there. They answer their emails promptly and professionally.  In my personal experience I have found them to be sincerely caring about the quality of their service and helping you improve your SEO rankings.  I couldn’t give them any stronger an endorsement.

Craig Corbel


high quality backlinks testimonial

I hope you enjoyed my case study experiment and free feel to comment on it :)

Take care!

Winson Yeung

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