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September 18, 2009

Backlinks Management System (BMS) Integration With High Quality Backlinks!

The long wait of BMS is over, I have finally completed BMS system and have integrated it with High Quality Backlinks. The development of BMS system have took me more than 2 months and cost me thousand of dollars.

Here is a quick idea of what BMS will do for you:

– The ability to auto generated your BMS login details after payment
– The ability to add your order into your BMS directly after payment
– The ability for you to enter your submission details at ease (No more emailing required!)
– The ability for you to check your submission status
– The ability for you to check the submission Q in front of you
– The ability for you to track back your past submission order
– The ability for you to download your submission report anytime, anywhere.
– The ability to assure you that there will be no more submission error due to my careless mistake in your url and keywords.

And Much more…

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