November 18, 2009

80 Monthly New Backlinks Building Package is Dead for BacklinksAutomation(RIP)…

As you may already know, high PR dofollow backlinks are getting increasingly hard to get and maintain them now. And to make sure that you are getting the most value out of my service, let me be totally honest with you. Will that be alright?

You see – in the last month, I started having difficulty building 80 unique backlinks for my clients because by 15 October, 50% of the links my SEO team harvested were dead and we were only left with about 70 backlinks.(Yes, it’s that bad). To make sure my clients still got what I promised, I got my SEO team to search high and low for that 10 additional backlinks. (Luckily we did).

So with the increasing difficulty of getting 80 backlinks, Dominic and I have decided to cancel the 80 backlinks package for BacklinksAutomation.

We will now focus on building 60 unique backlinks per month for all our customers in BA instead. It’s more manageable and I don’t have to make my SEO  Team work OT (over time) to find more backlinks (they hated me for that..haha)

And here’s the deal…

Dominic and I are about to launch the affiliate program for BacklinksAutomation soon and when we do, the price will be increased from $47/mth (current) to $67/mth.  No kidding.

Go to to grab your monthly backlinks building service.

We just want to know how much we appreciate your continued business. Let HighQualityBacklinks and BacklinksAutomation help you improve your search engine rankings. Your business will thank you for it.

Yours Sincrely,
Winson Yeung

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