Backlinks, Link Building Service – A Crash Course SEO service, link building service, building backlinks – you’ve heard it all. However, just hearing about it does not make you a more knowledgeable Internet Marketer. On this very page, is a mini crash course in backlinking for SEO purposes. This will help you evaluate what you best need for your online business and whether you need to look into a link building service or not. What is link building? Please take the time to read this section. This will help you have a better understanding of the whys and hows (especially the whys). As its name implies, it is the process of getting links from other places to your site (called backlinks). Whenever you hear about off-site SEO, you should know that it usually refers to backlinks. You have the option to do it yourself or to outsource it to a link building service. Why do we need to build backlinks?

Off-page SEO is all about getting higher ranks in the search engines. Google, and other search engines base their rankings on many factors, and the number and quality of these inbound links are a major factor on how well (or bad) your website ranks. It might create some confusion in your head, especially if it’s the first time you are exposed to terms like “backlinks” and “link building service”. However, please continue reading, as everything will be made clear for you. Google’s explanation is the following: If you provide value to your visitors on your website, they are most likely to talk about your website in forums, on their blogs, in social bookmarking sites etc. So they will link to your website. So basically, each link is counted as a vote to say that your website is good and relevant. Now that you understand the concept behind building backlinks, let’s move on to how to get them. Getting backlinks manually

While Google’s approach on backlinks sounds good, it is slightly flawed. How are people going to link to your website if they cannot even find it? This is where link building comes in. It can be thought to be “an artificial vote system” whereby you are voting for yourself multiple times. Where to get backlinks?
  • – Article directories
  • – Forums
  • – Social bookmarking sites
  • – Web 2.0s – Hubpages, Squidoo etc
  • – Contacting other webmasters related to your niche and asking them for a link to your website
Let’s briefly go through the list above together. For article directories, you need to write an article and submit it to them. It needs to be unique (you cannot just copy an article from somewhere else) as they do not allow this (and yes, they have the software to check this). In forums you can just suggest it as a resource once or twice. More than this will get you banned due to spamming. As for social bookmarking and web 2.0s, you need to create many accounts and post your links. This may get you banned too and your IP permanently banned from their network. As for the last technique mentioned, it is pretty self-explanatory. Except for the article directories, the others are a bit spammy in nature and will not be productive in the long run, unless you use proxies, which are themselves very expensive. And to get your articles accepted in reputable article directories, they need to be of good quality – so you should expect to be spending some time to write them. With that said, do not bookmark your own website a thousand times everyday on social sites as this will get your account banned and website sandboxed. If all these sound overwhelming to you, do not panic – it doesn’t mean that you will never succeed online. Fortunately, there is a team of people willing to do all this for you. This is where we talk about a link building service. How a link building service can help you

We will cover what a link building service can do for you first, then at the end of this section, you will be given the resource to the service. It basically covers everything mentioned above. This means that the link building service will take care of your forum marketing, your social bookmarking, contacting other webmasters (with professional emails written to them) and will do your article marketing for you. Why you should not just choose any link building service As mentioned above, search engines are after the number of backlinks your website have AND their quality. Creating a thousand of Squidoo pages and linking to your site is less powerful than writing one article and getting a backling from Many backlink services just spam your links on worthless sites where not only it won’t help your rankings, but will actually get them down the rankings or worse – it can get your website completely de-indexed from the search engine results! Recommendation & Resource We just gave you a crash course on backlink building in a single page. Trust us, there is much more on backlinking than this. Rest assured, we provided you with the essentials, but when it comes to off-page SEO, there are many more factors and details which affect your rankings. And we know just about most of them – if not all of them. We are a team of SEO guys who offer a link building service to people having large businesses and also to the individual just starting out in the online marketing world. We know what spam is, and we do not indulge in that. We give our clients the highest quality backlinks they need. If you are willing to work with our team of professionals and our link building service, then I urge you to check what we can do for you here: We really hope you make the most of what you read here. Remember, you can always build your own links. However, if you just want to avoid the complications of all the marketing schemes out there, then we would be more than happy to work with you.